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About Us

Ayan Holidays is run by the highly experienced and dedicated personnel in the field of travel trade. Having worked many years in the industry, we can provide satisfactory services to our clients through our travel planning. We are a team of young,  energetic as well as experienced people who can help you  in making the best out of your plan. Our unique feature is neither the cheap price nor just the assurance of the best offer with big words but our ability to make your travel plans as the best ”life -time experience". We promise that once you are connected with us you will come back to us again!!!!

Ayan Holiday’s sole core mission is to create a soul in the very ordinary word “Tourism” aiming to change the stereotype role of travel companies. 

The missions we have set are:

  • To conduct travel arrangements with the highest standard of honesty, trust and professionalism.    
  • To provide high quality service in order to fulfill all over traveler’s need. We further aim to serve them exceeding their expectation.
  • To deliver our extensive diversity of services to all type of tourists ranging from 
  • school children as an educational tour, for young generation as an adventure and recreation tour and special interest tour to the respected elderly people as their relaxing program. 
  • To gain optimum trust from our clients using our knowledge, experience and serving each of them as V.I.P.

Ayan Holiday’s Vision is to expand the company’s capacities in reaching our set objectives. We have been working harder to provide optimum satisfaction to all our clients with the best quality service. We aim to promote the beautiful and artistic “Nepal” internationally and uplift the tourism industry in Nepal. We view us in the future among the best travel management company having best values and principle in delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. 

Ayan Holiday’s Philosophy is “Nothing can win over the overwhelming enthusiasm followed by the experience, qualification, dedication, fine effort and a good heart”. A job providing you just a profit is not a good one unless it provides you the “true satisfaction’, which only comes from the praise and good evaluation of the service by the clients. In Nepali (Sanskrit) there is a slogan “Atithi Devo Bhawa” ie. “Guests are God” we treat each client accordingly. International or national, the clients are always our respected guests and we bear the ability to manage them with our hospitality. 

We understand, travelers appreciate the value of a full-service travel agency. While many internet sites promise special deals, travelers are often unaware of local restrictions. Making the right choice based only on price is not always the best course of action. Making the right life- time experience is something to be focused. We assure you the best travel plans out of our experience and professional team.