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Although finding a place to sleep is not a problem in Nepal, the established tourist centers offer much choices. Prices varies considerably, depending on where and when you want to stay. You need to book accommodation for your holiday in Nepal and the options are extensive. Accommodation in Nepal varies from hotels to apartments, to resorts and much more, catering for any budget.

 Visit the “Hotels” page to find out about hotel accommodation in Nepal. In this section we will focus on other forms of holiday accommodation in Nepal.

Apartments are a popular form of accommodation throughout the world and Nepal is no exception. If you are traveling as a family, apartments are a good option as they are typically self-catering, which means you can cut-down on food costs as well as enjoying the privacy afforded you. Most apartment complexes will provide a cleaning service so you can simply relax and enjoy your holiday in Nepal.

Health clubs, spas and resorts are ideal for those wishing to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They provide the ideal opportunity for you to reconnect, ponder deep thoughts and ease away the stresses of life whilst surrounded by the most unimaginably beautiful scenery and breathing in the pure mountain air.


You can pay anything from a couple of dollars per night in a trekking lodge to more than $350 in a wildlife resort. Normally, the guesthouses where most travelers stay, typically charge between $5 and $35.Off- seasons (late September to mid-November and late February to late March) price can drop by up to fifty percent.

If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Nepal, why not consider staying at a motel. Motels are also very convenient for stop-overs when traveling to different regions in Nepal. Hostels in Nepal are a great option for backpackers, young travelers and those traveling on a limited budget. Hostels are clean, comfortable and may offer several helpful services to patrons.

Guest houses as well as Bed and Breakfasts are another great accommodation option in Nepal. Guest houses offer very personalized service and the hospitable environment will make you feel right at home. The types of facilities available at Guest houses in Nepal include television, in room mini bar, meals, air conditioning, room service, laundry service, Internet access, luggage storage, safe deposit vaults, tourist information desk, airport pick up, beauty parlor and more. With so many options for accommodation in Nepal you are certain to find something that suits your taste, requirements and pocket