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Navagraha Puja

Navagrahas are the nine main celestial bodies which have deity status in Hinduism(except of rahu and ketu, they are not celestial bodies but the position on the lunar path and known as the demon). These navagrahas are Sun (Surya), Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangala), Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Saturn (Shani), Rahu and Ketu. Each of these planets exerts an influence in our various aspects of life such as love, marriage, career, finance, health etc. All these issues might seems like natural process in life but they occurs due to position and movements of Navagrahas in the natal chart of a person. According to ancient tales, the Navagrahas were born from the rage of Lord Shiva.


As it is believed that the Navagrahas control the deeds (karma), desire and the outcome. Sometimes they exert the negative influences in life like failures, sorrows, disappointments, diseases, mishaps, myriads of problems etc. These are all due to Navagraha Doshas and can last for some different period based on the duration of the evils of planets. These events often lead to the upside down of the happy lives.


One don’t have to have a bitter heart due to those unwanted events in life. It is possible to reverse the negative effects of Navagrahas in positive ones. It is only possible through the Navagraha Puja. The collective process of worshipping all those 9 planets of Vedic or Hindu Astrology is called Navagrahas Puja and this puja has been a very effective and time tested Vedic ritual.


Navagraha Puja is done by the learned Brahamin (priest) on a special day (muhurat) which is derived in accordance with the horoscope of the native for who it is to be performed in order to get the maximum benefits. One who does the Navagraha puja finds happiness, prosperity, protection from black magic, win over enemies, wealth and prosperity, love and relationship.


Navagraha Puja Benefits

1. Helps remove negative effects of particular Grahas.

2. Improves quality of personal and professional life.

3. Gains the positive blessings of the Navagrahas.

4. Keeps away bad luck and misfortune.

5. Keeps away diseases and ailments.

6. Helps to attain salvation (Moksha).


We just need half day to do this Navagraha puja. We will make an arrangement for a priest and all the needed material to do puja. It will cost $100 per person.